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Cairo Review: Dangerous Trading System

Cairo Review: Dangerous Trading System

Cairo Characteristics

Cairo 2021 is a robot that was designed by Ruben Octavio. Some people mentioned that the system has the same trading algorithm as the Paris 2021 that has blown a real $100 account several weeks ago and was removed from the signal list. Let’s check how good Cairo 2021 is.

Cairo Strategies and Tests

The presentation provides us with some explanations of how the robot works:

  • Cairo 2021works automatically on the charts.
  • The system was backtested on the accurate past data received from brokers.
  • It united five years of tick data.
  • We’re not allowed to know details about the strategy behind the system.
  • It works with the EUR/USD currency pair.
  • The robot executes orders on the M1 time frame.
  • We can attach it to any time frame, and it will work well.
  • The advisor doesn’t open trades quite frequently.
  • It does its best to close the deals on the same day.
  • There are no risky strategies implemented.

Cairo. VantageFX is a recommended broker.

  • VantageFX is a recommended broker.
  • The developer provides us with MT4 and MT5 versions of the robot.
  • The system covers all trades with TP and SL level placing.
  • We can use fixed lots or calculated by the system based on the account balance.
  • The robot doesn’t open more than one trade at a time on the market.

Cairo parameters

  • We can customize the next parameters: Take Profit, Max Spread, Max Lot, Magic Number, Dynamic Lot, Stop Loss, and CCI.

Cairo backtest

This backtest was performed with a 0.2 Lot per $1000 balance. Stop Loss was 75 pips. Take Profit was 6 pips. The difference is dangerous. The max spread was 100 pips.

Cairo backtest

The history quality was 100%. The initial deposit was $500. The total net profit has amounted to $111,029.60. The Profit Factor was 203.31. The maximum drawdown was 0.56%. The recovery factor was 11.33. Cairo 2021 has traded 540 deals. The win rate was 100% for Short (240 deals) and 99.67% for Longs (300 deals).

Cairo Live Trading Account Review

The Cairo 2021 robot has its own profile on MQL5 with verified results.

The Cairo 2021 robot has its own profile on MQL5 with verified results. The chart repeated the way the Paris robot took. Stop Losses that are twelve times bigger than Take Profits is the straight way to zero the account. The advisor works on the Vantage broker with 1:100 leverage automatically. The signals’ price is $199 monthly. The maximum drawdown is 17.3%. The absolute growth has become 46.07%.

Cairo trading results

The trading activity takes 36.36% of the running time. An average holding time is five hours. The robot has been working for ten weeks.

Cairo trading results

April 2021 was closed with losses (-2.79%).

Cairo drawdowns

The drawdowns are high if the market goes the wrong way.

Cairo trading results

One deal has wiped out efforts of 15 profitable trades.

Cairo trading results

Cairo 2021 has closed 30 deals with 96.66% of the win rate. The best trade is $4.27 when the worst one is -$30.35. The maximum deposit load is 81.42%. An average trade frequency is two trades weekly. An average trade length is five days. The Recovery Factor is 1.51. The Profit Factor is 2.33. An average win is $2.79 when an average loss is -$34.73.

Cairo trading results

It executes orders only on EUR/USD.

Cairo. There was a period of high attention from the MQL5 observer to the system.

There was a period of high attention from the MQL5 observer to the system.


Cairo Pricing

Cairo 2021 costs $399 for a lifetime copy for one real account. There are only two copies left for this price. The next price will be $499.

Cairo Pricing

Traders can also choose a one-month subscription that costs insane money – $249 monthly. We are allowed to use the robot for demo purposes. As usual, the MQL5 site doesn’t support a money-back guarantee.

Is Cairo a scam?

The results showed that the system is dangerous. Several lost deals in a row can blow the account in a week.

People feedback

Cairo People feedback

Cairo EA is going to follow the Paris EA way. That robot has blown a $100 account. Cairo 2021 is going to do the same.




Cairo 2021 works on the real low-loaded account trading EUR/USD. The backtest showed a high accuracy rate, but trading results are disastrous. The robot works with insanely deep Stop Losses where one lose deal should be recovered during two or even three months (taking into account the robot trading frequency). The system is dangerous for people’s accounts.

FXTechLab Staff
Our team consists from professional traders with over 10 years of experience carrying a mission to simplify automated forex trading for everyone.

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