Bitcoin Most Sound Among Digital Tokens, Fidelity Says


Bitcoin is superior when compared with other digital currencies as it is the most secure and sound among the tokens, according to a Fidelity Digital Assets report.

Source: Fidelity Digital Assets

FBTC.TO closed up 1.22%, while BTC is up 4.30%.

Fidelity believes Bitcoin is best understood as a monetary good and is “fundamentally different” from other digital tokens as no other asset is expected to improve upon the biggest coin.

The digital asset arm of Fidelity Investments said Bitcoin is the most secure, decentralized, and sound digital money among all the tokens and should be considered as an entry point for digital assets.

Other digital tokens should be considered from a different perspective than Bitcoin, as these can come in to fulfill different needs or address other problems which Bitcoin does not.

Fidelity in November rolled out a Canadian Bitcoin exchange-traded fund, which it is looking to allocate to two of its biggest funds.


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