Alphabet Unveils Industrial Robotics Unit ‘Intrinsic’

Businesswoman on blurred background using robotics arms with digital screen 3D rendering

Tech giant Alphabet Inc. on Friday announced its robotics software company firm Intrinsic, an offshoot of moonshots division X which will focus on industrial robotics.

Source: X

GOOGL is up 2.43%

Intrinsic is looking at the economic potential of industrial robotics for businesses and developers, and is establishing software to make it cheaper and more accessible for the public to use in products and services.

The firm has been developing robots with the ability to sense, learn, and instantaneously adjust when completing tasks, with the capacity to work in a wider range of settings and applications.

The software has been tested in real-world uses such as automated perception, deep learning, reinforcement learning, motion planning, simulation, and force control.

The company is looking to partner with firms involved in the automotive, electronics, and health care industries. It is also working to expand its workforce led by leaders in the artificial intelligence and robotics industry.

The firm is looking to employ AI exports, software engineers, and roboticists.


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