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YUMMY (YUMMY) Price Forecast & Prediction 2022-2025


YUMMY is a cryptocurrency aiming to integrate charitable objectives with blockchain technology. Since its launch, the project has faced a declining price and trading volumes. Can YUMMY reverse the trend, or could we see lower levels? If you are looking for YUMMY price prediction for 2022-2025, look no further. We will look at the current pricing to see what to expect from future price changes.

What is YUMMY?

It is a cryptocurrency that aims to revolutionize the crypto space by giving back to society while benefiting charity and its users. The project aims to leverage blockchain technology to bridge real-world problems and profitability.

It proposes 3% of its transaction fees distributed to holders, 3% to charity, and the remaining 3% for locked liquidity pools. The project plans to develop three marketplaces; Charity marketplace, Merchandise marketplace, and NFT marketplace. YUMMY pledges a portion of the sales on the platforms to be channeled to charitable causes.

YUMMY: should you invest in YUMMY today?

The crypto may not be an ideal investment opportunity in the short term due to a smaller market capitalization of around just $3 million, which makes the project susceptible to risks of rug pulling. Moreover, YUMMY has steadily declined in both price and trading volumes. In the past day, YUMMY has recorded a decline in trading volumes from $42,474.63 from $211,825.08 to $169.350.45, equivalent to 20%.

YUMMY daily trading volumes in the past seven days have also plunged by 3.56% from $175,616.37. In the past three months, YUMMY’s daily trading volumes have almost doubled to 188,733, but the all-time price outlook shows a decline in trading volumes by about 60% since peaking at a high of $430,187.22 in 2021.

YUMMY price forecast & prediction 2022-2025 (all-time price chart)

YUMMY price forecast & prediction 2022-2025 (all-time price chart)

Will YUMMY reach 1 USD in 2022?

The price outlook of YUMMY tokens is bullish based on the fundamental aspect of token supply and demand. However, the prediction should be taken as only the suggestions from past price and the market expectations. It is recommended that you do further research before investing in the tokens.

  • In 2022, it is predicted to rise to as high as $0.0000109368 at a minimum price and $0.00001139 at a maximum. On average, YUMMY will trade at $0.00001 throughout the period.
  • The 2023 price prediction puts it to a maximum price of $0.00001184 and a minimum of $0.0000123039. On average, it could trade at $0.00001024 in the period.
  • In 2024 it is forecasted to rise to as high as $0.0000127596 at a more conservative view. The token could still rise to as high as $0.0000137596 and trade at an average price of $0.0000126 throughout the year.
  • Our in-depth analysis put the token at a maximum price surge of $0.00001476 in 2025, with the minimum price surge expected to be $0.00001376 and an average trading price of $0.000012.

YUMMY past price analysis

CoinMarketCap ranks YUMMY at number 1,326 in the crypto space with a market capitalization of $3,344,833.09. There are currently 367.30 billion circulating tokens from a total supply of 445,577,510,906 and a hard cap of 1 trillion. The project claims to have burned about 55% of the token supply to boost its value. The deflationary measure is implemented through a growth fund.

YUMMY token is currently trading at $0.000009114 with a 0.75% price dip in the past 24 hours. The token has dropped by 8.96% in the past week since trading at $0.00001. The monthly price outlook also shows a price decline of about 8%. However, YUMMY has jumped from $0.0000091, gaining 33.1 % in the period. The overall price outlook shows a drop of about 95% since YUMMY peaked at $0.0002163 in May 2021.

Want to buy YUMMY?  

If you want to buy YUMMY tokens, they are available on BitMart and PancakeSwap V2. It can be traded against USDT on Bimart. To buy the crypto follow the steps below:

Step 1

Register an account with BiMart exchange. The platform is supported on Android and iOS devices.

Step 2

Fund your account using the buy and sell option. The option allows users to purchase USDT. Fiat currency can also be accessed with a debit or credit card.

Step 3

Go to the market section and search for YUMMY tokens. Execute the order, and it will be deposited directly to your BitMart account.


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