What to Expect for the AI Sector in 2022


Firms involved in artificial intelligence are in for a ride in 2022, as the sector is set to welcome a number of developments in the coming months.

Source: Forbes

Analysts believe language artificial intelligence will be the focus, and a revolution “is around the corner,” as more startups are securing funding in natural language processing than any other category of the sector.

At least three firms are expected to go public next year — Franklin Templeton’s Databricks; Altimeter and Tiger Global’s DataRobot; and Dragooner, Greenoaks, and Tiger Global’s Scale AI.

Analysts are also bullish that three climate AI startups will hit unicorn status next year, with potentials include Cervest, ClimateAi, Gro Intelligence, Kettle, KoBold Metals, NCX, Pachama, Patch, Persefoni, and Watershed.

AI tools for video are seen to bloom in 2022, covering video search, video editing, and video generation. Over 80% of all internet data will be in video format by the next year.


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