Tesla’s AI Day to Recruit As It Showcases Talent In Software And Hardware

Tesla’s AI Day to Recruit as it Showcases Talent in Software and Hardware

Tesla C.E.O Elon Musk announced plans to hold an AI day to recruit as it showcases the company’s progress in hardware and software related artificial intelligence.

Source: Electrek

TSLA: NASDAQ is down 0.21% on pre-market.

Tesla has been holding functions to introduce new technologies it has worked on in certain fields.

The company held Tesla Autonomy Day and Tesla Battery Day in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

Musk claimed Tesla is the quickest way to utilize ones’ real-life ideas and urged those eying working on physical-word AI problems to think of joining the company.

Musk was speaking at Tesla’s presentation on computer vision ability to build a full-self driving system.

Elon argues that the company can attain 5-self-driving by the end of 2021, and the AI event could help Tesla owners to understand the paths the company is taking to achieve its goals.


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