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Target Stock Struggles Amidst Retail Slump


Target (TGT) continues to face challenges as its stock takes another hit. On Monday, shares dropped by 3% to $119.34, extending their decline of over 6% since the beginning of the month and over 20% year-to-date. The stock is now dangerously close to its 52-week low, and if it falls below $117.90, it will mark its lowest close in more than three years.

Unfortunately, Target is not the only retailer feeling the pressure. The SPDR S&P Retail ETF (XRT) experienced a 0.6% decrease, and retail giant Walmart (WMT) saw a 0.7% drop.

The reason behind this downward trend is unclear. While inflation has driven up the prices of essential items, impacting discretionary spending for many Americans, other retailers in the discretionary sector have seen gains. Signet Jewelers (SIG) and TJX Cos. (TJX) are just a few examples.

Interestingly, recent data released on Thursday revealed a rise in retail sales for August, contradicting expectations. However, as student loan repayments resume following the pandemic pause, experts anticipate further decline in sales. While Target’s peers do not seem affected by this concern at present, Target remains in the spotlight as the symbol of this worry.

Moreover, the surge in shoplifting that has plagued various retailers can largely be attributed to organized crime rather than struggling consumers attempting small-scale theft due to rising costs of living. Target made headlines this spring after revealing a staggering half-billion dollar theft.

Additionally, Target has found itself at the center of the so-called “war on woke.” In June, some of its employees faced threats of violence over the store’s Pride Month merchandise. However, today’s trading results for companies involved in this anti-woke movement were mixed.

The future remains uncertain for Target as it navigates these challenges. Investors and industry experts will closely monitor its performance in the coming months to determine if it can regain stability and recover from its recent setbacks.


Stock Performance

While Walt Disney’s stock has fallen by 0.7%, Anheuser-Busch InBev has seen an increase of 1.4%. However, companies like Kohl’s and Adidas, who received criticism for their handling of Pride merchandise, have faced setbacks with a 6% and 2.3% drop in their stock prices, respectively.

Grocery Sector

In the grocery sector, Walmart management has issued a warning regarding food prices. Although there may be a slight cooling of prices, they are not expected to return to pre-pandemic levels anytime soon. This news is positive for Walmart as over 50% of its business relies on grocery sales, ensuring continued high revenue without significant discounting pressure.

In contrast, Target heavily relies on discretionary purchases. As long as consumers prioritize stocking their pantries and spending more on essential items, discretionary purchases may take a back seat in the near future.

Challenges from Competitors

The upcoming IPO of Instacart raises concerns for many supermarkets. Competitors are beginning to develop alternative services to challenge Instacart’s dominance in the food delivery market. For example, Walmart offers its own subscription service called Walmart+, which includes additional perks, while companies like Kroger provide cheaper alternatives. Target also owns Shipt, a delivery service catering to multiple retailers. Investors speculate that food retailers will need to actively combat these third-party players in order to stay competitive.


In conclusion, a combination of recent concerns is currently impacting stock performance. Despite raising its dividend and delivering relatively strong earnings this summer, Target still needs to prove itself to investors as the pandemic diminishes. Headwinds are expected in the future, and the market remains cautious.


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