Solana’s Mainnet Outage Blamed on ‘Candy Machine’ Bot Traffic 



Solana halted block production for seven hours on Saturday following network congestion. Outage caused by bots tied to new non-fungible tokens on the Candy Machine program.

Source: Coindesk

SOLUSD is up +0.1%

The network recorded millions of transactions per second, causing the validator nodes to crash due to a limited memory.

The inbound transactions reached 6 million per second, overwhelming 100 Gbps of memory in the nodes, but there was no aspect of a denial of service attack. The bots allegedly attempted to win new NFT minted with the Candy Machine program.

The validator nodes run out of memory to clear up transactions in the abandoned blocks with the number of total forks that were to be validated by the nodes exceeding the capacity.

Solana has promised that the upcoming v1.10 upgrade, which is currently stabilizing the network, will tackle the problems which have caused congestion severally in the past months.

Solana processes about 2,700 transactions per second on average, with a maximum of 710,000 TPS on a standard blockchain.


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