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Ryanair Summer Schedule Cuts


Ryanair Holdings recently announced that it will need to make schedule cuts for the upcoming summer season. The company has confirmed that Boeing is expected to deliver only 40 out of the 57 aircraft that were originally ordered and scheduled for delivery before the end of June.

Impact on Air Fares and Capacity

Due to these delays, along with the grounding of a significant portion of its competitors’ Airbus fleets because of Pratt & Whitney engine issues, Ryanair anticipates that air fares during the summer months will increase as capacity becomes constrained.

Adjustments to Traffic Numbers

As a result of the delivery delays, Ryanair will need to make adjustments to its schedule. It now expects its traffic for fiscal 2025 to be just under 200 million passengers, lower than the initial target of 205 million. The airline plans to reduce frequencies on existing routes rather than cutting new routes for July, August, and September.

Collaboration with Boeing

Despite the challenges, Ryanair is working closely with Boeing to try and accept aircraft deliveries during the peak summer months. However, due to the uncertainties surrounding deliveries, the airline will not be able to put these additional aircraft up for sale for the summer 2024 season.


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