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Meta’s Horizon Worlds Is Testing Money-Making Tools and Creator Bonuses

METAVERSE text on hologram planet earth. Internet supporting persistent online 3D virtual environments. Vector illustration.

Meta Platforms’ digital economy launched on Monday with new tools for selling virtual goods in the social media giant’s virtual reality game, Horizon Worlds.

Source: Meta

BTC USD up +2.48%, FB up +2.08%, Pre-market trading

A number of creators will be able to sell their virtual products and effects in various words. Only Americans and Canadians aged over 18 years will be able to buy those items.

Meta stated that it would reward creators whose virtual worlds become popular among users with monthly bonus payouts. That scheme will not be subject to fees.

The efforts show Meta’s early development of the infrastructure relating to the digital economy. More monetization and incentivization features are still in development.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Metaverse stated that the types of tools are steps towards the long-term vision for Metaverse, where creators can generate earnings and people enjoy buying digital goods, services, and experiences.

Zuckerberg further stated that the ability to sell virtual goods and be able to transfer them from one world to another is going an essential part of the future metaverse.



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