MetaMask Integrates New Custodians for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

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Consensys-owned wallet provider MetaMask Institutional has onboarded new custodians in efforts to expand deeper into decentralized autonomous organizations.

Source: Coindesk

BITO is up 3.31%, while GBTS is up 4.97%.

MetaMask has teamed up with Gnosis Safe, Hex, Trust, GK8, and Parfin to comply with the requirements of DAOs regarding crypto custody requirements as it seeks to cement itself as a Web 3 gateway for global organizations.

Business Development Lead Harriet Browning said the partnership will bolster and expand Web3 into different regions and is in line with efforts to bring all organizations across the globe into Web 3.

The development will bring MetaMask Institutional’s custodians tailored to DAOs to seven after adding BitGo, Qredo, and Cactus Custody to assist in complying with requirements.

MetaMask has some 30 million monthly active users, seeking to become the major primary Web 3 gateway for global organizations.


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