Manufactured Goods Orders Beat Estimates to Surge by 1.5% in June

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New orders relating to manufactured goods in the US rose by 1.5% or $7.4 billion to $506 billion, more than expected 1%.

Source: Census Bureau

Manufacturer's new ordersDXY is up +0.08%, SPY is down -0.032%

The increase in new orders for manufactured goods in June happens for the thirteenth time in the last fourteen months, after jumping by a higher 2.3% in May.

New orders were up 18.4% year over year.

Shipments of manufactured goods rose by $7.6 billion or 1.6% to $499.0 billion, after another 0.9% increase in May.

Unfilled orders gained for the fifth consecutive month by 1.0% or $11.5 billion to $1,223.1 billion, the same as May’s 1% increase.

Inventories rose by 1.0% or $7.4 billion to $740.7 billion, another increase from May’s 1.1% jump.



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