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Gaming App FlickPlay Integrates Sandbox for Metaverse Interoperability

Sandbox, demo test software programing. Virtual experiment development technology in metaverse cyber space simulation background

Metaverse social application FlickPlay has collaborated with Sandbox to enable gamers to use blockchain assets in metaverse.

Source: Reuters

SANDUSD is down -1.80%

The initial collection of the non-fungible tokens will be Flicky, which will feature designs of an anthropomorphic chameleon with different clothes.

Flicky users will have the NFT as an avatar on Sandbox, different from the initial version where users unlocked a different version to use on the metaverse.

The co-founder of Sandbox, Sebastian Borget, says that the integration is the first to link the virtual world with real-world usage. He adds that it will enable a more immersive experience transcending metaverse and Sandbox.

FlickPlay’s founder Pierina Merino remarked that the firm is working on a longer-term partnership with the Sandbox to enhance interoperability by the close of the year.

Metaverse is a virtual interactive platform that allows users to switch between virtual worlds on multiple platforms and adopt a virtual self.


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