Flexa Launches Flexa Payments for Instant Digital Currency Payments


Flexa, the world’s leading pure-digital payments network, launched Flexa Payments, a new set of tools for merchants to accept digital currencies from any wallet or app.

Source: Businesswire

AMP USD up +4.25%, BTC USD up +2.15%

Flexa Payments gives merchants access to all benefits that have made Flexa the best choice for digital currency payments since 2018, like flexible settlement options and now compatibility with every digital currency wallet.

With the new platform, merchants will enable digital currency payments anywhere they receive payments, including in-store, online, or in their mobile apps.

For customers, the new engaging interface allows for seamless selection of the right network and asset for any app, providing actual payment instructions in a tap and payment confirmation in less than a second.

Flex’s tailored acceptance solutions are created to be simple for businesses to enable and easy for customers to use.


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