Eurozone Industrial Production Rose by 2.3% in November

Large workshop of pipe rolling plant, metallurgy

Industrial production in the eurozone posted a monthly increase of 2.3% in November, beating expectations.

Source: Eurostat

Euro Stoxx 50 up +0.61%,  EUR USD down -0.07%

In the European Union, the figure rose by 2.5% compared to the previous month. On an annual basis, the output fell by 1.5% in the eurozone as in the EU, it remained unchanged.

In the eurozone, the production of non-durable consumer goods expanded by 3.2%, capital goods by 1.5%, energy by 1.2% and intermediate goods expanded by 0.9%.

Meanwhile, the output of durable consumer goods fell by 0.2%. On an annual basis, production of non-durable consumer goods rose by 6.1%, durable goods by 4.4%, energy by 3.7%, and intermediate goods rose by 1.9%, as capital goods dropped by 9.8%.

Among the trading bloc’s countries, Ireland led with the highest monthly increase of 37.3%, Poland, 5.9%, and Czech Republic 4.8%. Year on year, Lithuania posted the highest jump of 17.0%, Poland, 15.3%, and Bulgaria 1.3%.


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