Euro Area Trade Surplus Narrows to €3.6B in October 

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Source: Eurostat

EZU is up 0.91%.

The Euro area trade surplus narrowed in October from the same month last year, as imports grew faster than exports during the period.

The Euro area surplus for the month stood at €3.6 billion, down from the €29.8 billion the same month in 2020. Euro area exports to the rest of the world grew by 7.3% to €214.0 billion from €199.4 billion, while imports climbed 24.1% to €210.4 from €169.6 billion.

Year-to-date exports to the rest of the world jumped 13.9% to €1.986 trillion, while imports increased by 18.4% to €1.854 billion. The latest figures brought the January-October surplus to €135.5 billion, narrower than the €180.9 billion the comparable period last year.

Trade within the Euro area for the month climbed 17.3% to €196.7 billion from €167.7 billion last year, while year-to-date trade grew 19.6% to €1.780 trillion from €1.488 trillion.


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