Ethereum Steps Closer to PoS as Shadow Fork Goes Live

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Ethereum’s maiden mainnet shadow update went online on Monday, in line with the shift to a proof-of-stake model.

Source: BlockScout

ETH is down 6.86%, while BTC is down 4.33%.

Ethereum Foundation developer Parithosh Jayanthi said the update is a way to conduct a stress test on assumptions around syncing and state growth and will be able to check if assumptions function on existing testnets.

Jayanthi said transactions could appear on both the shadow fork and the main Ethereum network, as a portion of data is shared between the two. The shadow fork has already processed some 1.166 million transactions.

The update comes as the platform transitions into a proof-of-stake algorithm from the current proof-of-work in a bid to significantly cut down on energy consumption which has long been criticized in Bitcoin.

The processing time under shadow fork has averaged 14.8 seconds as of the time of writing.


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