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Digihost Adds BTC Dividend Payment Option Starting Q3

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US-based Bitcoin mining company Digihost offers its shareholders an option to receive their dividend payout in Bitcoin from the third quarter of the year.

Source: Financial Post

BTCUSD is down -1.50%

The shareholders will get the option to be paid in Bitcoin or cash, with the remaining net income reinvested to fund future business prospects.

The CEO and chairman of the company, Michel Amar, welcomed becoming the first listed company to have a dividend policy payable in Bitcoins.

The move reflects the strategy of most public miners seeking ways to diversify their businesses to additional sources of income aside from their Bitcoin holdings.

Digihost notes that it projects an average hashrate of 1.5 exahash per second compared to the current 1 EH/s with BTC mining of 4.25 tokens per day.

The company’s shares jumped more than 5% in early trading compared to a plunge of 27% in the year, while Bitcoin has dropped 3.6%.



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