Cash App Adds Services for Automated Bitcoin Payments

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Block Inc.’s payment service Cash App is launching three Bitcoin services that enable customers to receive or invest Bitcoin and make payments using the asset.

Source: Coindesk

BTCUSD is up +0.43%

The services, which will be unveiled during the Bitcoin 2022 conference in Miami, include ‘Get Paid in Bitcoin,’ a service that supports automated investments in BTC.

In the offering, the fiat currency received through the automated clearing house will be converted seamlessly into bitcoins using the service.

The second service is the ‘Bitcoin Roundups,’ which allows users to round up their received funds to the nearest dollar for purchasing bitcoin with the difference.

‘Lightning Network Receives,’ launched in January, will enable users to receive Bitcoin directly into their Cash App through the Lightning Network.

Cash App will also offer support for URIs and Unified QRs enabled through BIP 21 for the generation of address types for on-chain and LN payments.



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