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Cardano’s Block Size Increases by 10% to Drive Significant Network Enhancement


Cardano research and developer firm Input Output HK is expanding the blockchain’s mainnet block size by 10% or 8KB.

Source: InputOutput

ADA USD down 0.99%, BTCUSD down 0.04%

In a series of tweets, the developer team explained that the current block size is 80KB, and the update will expand it by an extra block size of 8KB to 88KB.

Blocks are transaction batches that are confirmed and written on a blockchain, and expanding their size means that more transactions will be incorporated in every block, growing network capacity and reducing transaction times.

As part of the wider 2022 plans for scaling Cardano, the move will enhance the network, further boosting its throughput and performance of decentralized apps (DApps) built on top of it.

Upon the installation of the update, the team plans to review the network performance for at least five years to determine the next increase.



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