British Government to Deploy Soldiers in Coming Days to Ease Fuel Shortage Crisis

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The U.K. is deploying its army drivers to ease a fuel crisis that led to chaos in the country’s gas stations.

  • The government’s reserve tanker fleet will start driving tankers driven by civilians this afternoon to boost deliveries.
  • On Monday, 150 UK army drivers were made available if needed. That might be the case this week.
  • Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng stated that people would start realizing some soldiers driving the tanker fleet in the coming days.
  • The British government is trying to deal with the fuel crisis after days of long lines of vehicles in gas stations, blocking roads and provoking conflicts.
  • In the midst of the disruption, more than 50% of the nation’s petrol stations had run dry on Sunday. As fuel retailers stated, the situation is improving. Drivers are still unable to find fuel and have to wait long hours.

A shortage of drivers had been the cause of the fuel shortages, with some companies recalling some from leave and are at surge capacity, leading to certain operators having more drivers than tankers.

FTSE 100 up +1.20%, GBP USD down -0.78%

Source: Bloomberg


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