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Boeing Considers Reintegrating Spirit


Boeing has engaged in initial discussions regarding the potential merger of Spirit AeroSystems back into the plane maker, as reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Strengthening Aviation Safety

The Arlington, Va.-based Boeing stated that the reintegration of manufacturing operations between Boeing and Spirit could enhance aviation safety and offer other advantages. However, the possibility of an agreement between the two parties is not definite.

Confirmation from Spirit

Spirit also confirmed the talks with Boeing on Friday, indicating a potential collaboration between the two aerospace companies.

Quality Concerns

This development unfolds as Boeing grapples with quality concerns related to its 737 MAX aircraft, following an incident involving an Alaska Airlines door-plug blowout in January. Notably, the fuselage in question was manufactured at Spirit’s facility in Wichita, Kan.

Pressure from Regulators

Both Boeing and Spirit face mounting pressure from airline clients and regulatory bodies to address and rectify any quality issues highlighted in the aftermath of the Alaska Airlines accident.

Background of Spirit AeroSystems

Established in 2005 when Boeing divested some of its factories, Spirit AeroSystems specializes in producing 737 fuselages and other vital airframe components. Boeing represents a significant portion of Spirit’s sales, with Airbus and defense corporations making up the remaining share.


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