Bitcoin Holders Surge to Record High amid Bullish Sentiment

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The number of Bitcoin holding addresses has reached a record number of 40.25 million amid a price surge of more than $44,000.

Source: Twitter

BTCUSD is up +2.26%

The balance of bitcoin in the wallets of users holding it for over a year is more than 11.7 million BTC, equivalent to $518.46 billion.

The holding accounts continue to grow since experiencing a dip in February before resuming and hitting new levels. The average BTC holding accounts reached 39.7 million at mid-month after recording 888,000 new addresses since the start of the year.

Bitcoin is currently trading at $44,313, a jump of about 9.52% in the past seven days and an increase of 2.93% in the past 24 hours.

The primary cryptocurrency has seen its market capitalization surge to about $847.1 billion as long-term token holders stay put despite recent price volatility.



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