Bitcoin Core Update with Apple Silicon Support Released

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An update of Bitcoin Core has included a feature to natively support the Apple Silicon chips, according to Web3 developer Zhixiong Pan.

Source: Zhixiong Pan Twitter account

BTC is down 5.87%, while AAPL is up 0.10%.

Pan took to Twitter to announce the release of Bitcoin Core’s final version update 23.0, which includes a macOS ARM build that could potentially support the M1 family of Apple.

Pan said the source code for the final version was “quietly released” but noted that there were no significant new features aside from the macOS ARM build.  He found the final version after a search on the GitHub repository.

The compiled version is expected after a while, with another tweet indicating that the update frequency of Bitcoin Core version 24.0 is expected by October. The functions expected are already out, but the version should not be listed yet.



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